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~Eric Laurenson - Owner Breeder
~Callum Dunnett - Hazlett Rural
~Hamish Zuppicich - Hazlett Rural


Named after the Lammerlaw Range in Central Otago where the Laurensons have been farming for nearly 100 years, the stud was founded in 1982 by Eric with 24 Romney ewes purchased from H T Brensell of Fernvale and 19 ewes from Tresco. Over the years Eric has targeted wool specifications of handle, colour and weight as well as more open faces and nice tight backs while not losing carcass weight, and focusing on genetic traits like good feet, pasterns and overall structure. He has purchased rams from Gordon Levet of the Kikitangeo Stud in Wellsford north of Auckland, as well as rams from Mana, Gatton Park, Doughboy and Hermiston and also his own Lammerlaw Stud.

This year we have introduced Viascan to our program with Eric taking two hoggets up to be scanned. We are very happy with how they performed and will be using this as a selection criterion in the future.

In 2022 we mid-side sampled all our ewes and removed the ones with the highest coarse edge micron. We are focusing on CEM as wool in desired range has great handle and softness regardless of the micron. We will be using this information to better match rams with ewes to complement our breeding program.

Lammerlaw Romney Rams 2023
Quality Crimpy Wool

Meet our team...

~ Romney ~ Romdale ~ Halfbred ~ 3/4Romney:1/4 Perendale ~


Bred to shift well with excellent wool and mothering abilities. Excellent meat sheep with longevity and good basic genetic traits


Also an excellent meat sheep. Good feet and pasterns. Bred to perform

3/4 Romney : 1/4 Perendale

Bred for the stockman that wants something that throws more to the Romney but still with some Perendale attributes

Callum Dunnett

Callum Dunnett

Sud Stock Bloke

Eric has never shied away from purchasing quality rams to best fit his breeding program.
His rams have longevity and clients get a good run out of them.
Erics rams go out and perform.

Mark Greenlaw

Mark Greenlaw

SI Wool Manager - Wools of NZ

Lammerlaw Romney wool would be some of the best styled Romney wool in the country. Eric’s selection criteria based on a well-defined crimped staple, longer staple length and good colour, provides heavier fleece weights for his clients and better processing properties for the end user.

Thomas Bennett

Thomas Bennett

Romney Breeder

I've been using Lammerlaw Romney Rams for four years now and I'm really starting to see their traits coming through in the ewes. I've noticed increased ease of lambing with the ewes. There is also a greater number of lambs killed off mum at weaning.
I'm really happy with how the Lammerlaw rams are improving my flock.

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